18 September 2007

Willow Valley adventures

The wedding this weekend was at Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster County, and we were blessed with the gift of a weekend there. We're still recovering from all the fun, but it was a great chance to get away and find out what vacationing with kids is really like. (3 days is definitely plenty.) Highlights of the weekend (other than the wedding, of course) included a visit from the Grosh ladies, lots of time in the pool with the cousins, a ride on the 100 year old Strasburg railroad, a horse drawn wagon ride to the farm, and Garty's first French kiss... from a cow. (The cow is the one that leaned in for the kiss, but Garty was happy to reciprocate. Mommy couldn't kiss his cute little face for a full 24 hours.) Pictures are now available for those with nothing better to do.

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kathie devaney said...

WHen you are ready to take that longer trip with the kids, we would love for you to go to Disney, let us know, we when the kids are ready, well when you guys are ready for the challenge.