12 November 2007


Joshua and Patience are fascinated with the leaves turning colors, and I've narrowly escaped numerous car accidents as I slam on my brakes to look at amazing trees. We have a great park up the road from us that has some very colorful trees, but unfortunately the weather hasn't cooperated with our schedule to allow us to wander the park. Tonight, however, we were determined to go before darkness fell. We went in an entrance 5 blocks from our house that we've never tried before. The bad news is that the trees in that section of the park were not the dazzling maples we've been seeing, and most of the trees had already dropped their brown leaves. On the up side, that end of the park is incredibly cool with an old train track, a deserted stone house, a great creek, and an old bridge. We felt like we were far out in the country, yet we were only 5 blocks from the place where someone stole Peter's side view mirror 2 weeks ago! Because of the heavy cloud cover, darkness fell entirely too quickly, but we'll definitely be back to explore some more as soon as we can. We brought home some huge leaves and put them in a glass bowl on the table so we could admire their beauty and remember our exciting discovery.

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EEEEMommy said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!!! Their shining faces proves that it was. Way to make it happen!

FROMHIM4me said...

Hey guys and gals. My heart rejoices as I see these three little faces, and I am so very happy for all of you. I love you all a lot. What a blessing your family is. God is gooood!!! My heart rejoices each time I hear your names and see your faces. It is a priviledge to be your friends and I am thankful for what God has done!!! Love April C