06 November 2007

seriously obsessed

Those who know me (Becky) well know that few things in the world excite me as much as food and travel (which is significantly connected to food). After deciding that I wouldn't sell cookies this Christmas for 3 little reasons, I was so sad that Peter and I decided I should definitely do it. Because today marks 7 weeks until the big day, I decided it was time to put my list together and email it to local friends, family, and former customers. By the time I went through my recipes and finished my list, I had added cakes, breads, cheesecakes, and cupcakes to the cookie options. By the time I had written the necessary descriptions for the items, my sweet tooth was going crazy. By the time I emailed the list out, I was nearly giddy with excitement about getting started with my baking. I know I'm nuts, but I posted my holiday baking list for the few of you who enjoy reading dessert descriptions as much as I do. (I know I'm not the only one who reads menus online just for fun!)

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Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

now i'm wishing i was there to order some!!! maybe i will make my own - i've actually been very seriously considering it... when is usually your cutoff before Christmas and about how many orders do you usually take per week?