01 November 2007

Halloween recap

Our kids' first Halloween was memorable, but not in entirely good ways. Tuesday evening around 11pm I (Becky) checked in on Garty because he seemed to be starting a cold. He was burning up and wheezing "like a 90 year old asthmatic" (in Peter's words). We kept him with us all night so we could keep his fever under control and avoid running upstairs when his wheezing woke him. I got very, very little sleep. Peter got a few hours more. By morning it was all we could do to get Joshua dressed and out the door with his costume. Garty was getting worse, and the doctor had an early appointment available. When the doctor walked in the exam room, she immediately turned around and led us to a different room for a nebulizer treatment without even doing an exam. Garty fell asleep with the mask on because he was so beat. It turns out that he has a severe case of croup. 2 breathing treatments, 1.5 hours, and 1 dose of steroids later we headed home with instructions to keep Garty calm, give him steroids for 3 days, and go straight to the ER if he got worse again. Later in the day we went to Joshua's school for the Halloween parade (with permission from the doctor). Garty perked up a bit being out in the fresh air and seeing lots of people. He was having so much fun on the slide that we finally had to hold him because his wheezing was getting out of control. With all the chaos, we would have happily canceled Halloween, but Joshua and Patience had been practicing saying "trick or treat" all week. I took them to a few houses after dinner while Peter stayed with Garty. Sleep was better last night, although we were still up quite a bit. Today he was almost back to normal. We're praying that neither of the other two come down with it. So tonight I'm hoping for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately Peter just left town for 3 days, which generally that means restless nights for me. So, there's my whiney post for the week. Here are a few pictures from the bit of Halloween fun we were able to squeeze in.
Joshua as the Incredible Hulk & Patience as a fairy princess

Garty as a stocky brown baby with croup

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Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I'm feeling for you! We've battled croup/breathing stuff requiring the nebulizer and steroids ever since Joel was a baby with both him and Matty. We've been to the ER and all that jazz in the middle of the night plenty of times. The nice thing is it's not usually contagious, but the downside was they still have it every year till they outgrow it. Joel has progressively gotten better each year - last year (age 7) he did pretty well, no treatments of any kind needed.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason we have eternity is just for the purpose of catching up on sleep. ;)

I will pray for sustenance and perseverance in the face of real life for y'all. Grace and Peace Be Upon You All,