10 November 2007

it's official

On Thursday, Joshua, Patience, and Garty were readopted and now legally bear the name Bowersox. It was a simple court proceeding, but the older two were very excited. Mommy was even a bit emotional as the judge was asking if I understood the implication that henceforth it would be as if they were born to me. After our hearing, we celebrated by going out to breakfast for the first time. We chose Friendly's because it was convenient and we had a coupon, and we're so glad we did. They gave the kids big balloons, and everyone felt very celebratory. Joshua kept asking if his teacher would call him "Joshua David Bowersox," and I said probably not unless he told her it was his new name. Evidently when we dropped him off, he marched in to class and announced to everyone that he had a new name. The kids were quite confused about how that could happen, so they discussed it. There's nothing like showing up at school late and completely disrupting everything the teacher is trying to accomplish. Here are a few pictures from the excitement, including a picture with the judge who coincidentally is a friend of my dad's (proving that I will always and forever be "Dr. Dunbar's daughter" no matter what my last name is).

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smith952 said...

That's so exciting!! It must feel wonderful to be "officially" a family.

You make a beautiful family.

--Katie Smith

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

They are so precious. And that is so adorable. And I am so excited for you!

God is so good. I love your adoption story, and I wanted to share a quote from a youth pastor of mine who has adopted two kids. He and his wife wrote on their adoption blog:

"Obviously the way that God set up pro-creation was through a husband and wife birthing biological children. He did that in the Garden of Eden. But after the fall, even that natural system became broken. Adoption is the reconciliation of broken things: a husband and wife who are broken because they can't conceive, and a child born without a whole family coming together to create a new, whole family. Two broken things made whole, for the glory of God. A "perfect American family" taking in a child who doesn't look like them looks a lot like the Kingdom of God. And obviously, our ultimate example of adoption: God adopting us – children who sinned and messed up his perfect original plan – is the ultimate reconciliation of what was broken in the Garden of Eden."

It's interesting how many people at our church are into fostering and/or adopting african-american children - and so many can conceive, but they have a completely different view of adoption that does the heart good. Our worship leader's family is just one such family, and their adoption story is here: http://allthingshendrick.blogspot.com/search/label/adoption. I thought you might like it, especially as it is still very much in process.

Congratulations on this beautiful extravagant life!!! We love all of you, Bowersox family!

EEEEMommy said...

Hearty congratulations!
What a great day!
And you all look so handsome! :)

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I was just looking at your blog again and saw these pictures again. Y'all are such a beautiful family and I love the huge smiles on the kids' faces. (I know it's not that way every day, but they are so beautiful.)

I just wanted to say again how much good it does my heart to see you all living out the real life hope of God in this world.