14 February 2008

eating habits

Tuesday evening we headed to IHOP in the middle of nasty winter weather because it was Pancake Day, and we couldn't stay home until the storm ended like sane people. We like to celebrate food-related events too much. When the waitress suggested free pancakes for dinner, we happily agreed. Then she asked if we wanted 4 stacks of pancakes and an extra plate for the baby. When I replied that Garty would definitely eat 3 pancakes of his own, she looked shocked. I can't imagine how much more shocked she was when Garty finished his second pancake before anyone else at the table. Our kids never cease to amaze people with how much they eat.

Early on we used to let the kids eat until they were full or the food ran out. Most often it was the latter. Now that they're far beyond starving and they realize there will always be enough to eat, we cut them off after seconds except for vegetables. You wouldn't believe how much salad they can consume after being cut off from other food! The standard answer I give Joshua when he asks for thirds is, "You've had as much as (or more than) Daddy, so I think you've had plenty." If you've seen Peter eat, you understand the significance of this statement!

Joshua is really into comparing things. Who is taller? Which pencil is bigger? Is the fork longer than the spoon? Recently he was having a conversation with Peter about the size of people in our family or something like that. I honestly wasn't really paying attention until I heard my son with the enormous bloated malnourished belly say, "Mommy's gut the biggest." I was already on a diet. Now I'm also in therapy.


Jeff and Tina Frye said...

I laughed at your post!Out of the mouths of babes!I'm glad things are going well for your family.I can relate to the amount the kids eat.My kids eat a lot also!Our second set of three were escorted home (AoH)Feb 4th.I scrambled 30 eggs this morning (for 13 kids) but they were still wanting more.I bet I could have added another 10 and still not made enough!

Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

Tina, There could never be enough eggs in the world to satisfy my kids. We've cut them down to 2 each for breakfast or lunch and 3 if I'm serving them for dinner (on our gourmet dinner nights).

Dono & Laurie said...

Becky, I love hearing about your life...I can so relate to it! I really enjoy Kojo's comments about my big HUGE butt, that moves around:) Hey I always just say, things right at eye level are always going to look bigger than they really are;) Don't ya just love the things kids say? see ya in therapy!

Theresa said...

There's no deceiving yourself when you have kids. They tell you the way it is. You won't be alone in therapy!