25 February 2008


We got a call this afternoon from the surgery center where Joshua will have his eardrum repaired tomorrow. They had a cancellation, so our arrival time has been moved from noon to 9:20am. We are very thankful, as we were dreading depriving Joshua of food for the entire morning. The surgery is considered generally risk-free, although there's always the chance of a reaction to the anesthesia. If you think of us any time on Tuesday, we'd appreciate your prayers for a smooth morning at the surgery center, complete healing, and grace for all of us as Joshua comes out from under the anesthesia. (The day the older 2 had their teeth fixed was difficult, so we're hoping for the best while preparing for an emotionally draining day.) We'll update later tomorrow and share some pictures of our new friend Jo-Jo!

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Scarlett_333 said...

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