20 February 2008

is global warming really so bad?

OK, before we get any nasty comments from anyone who accidentally finds our blog through a google search, I must start by saying that we are very concerned about reducing our family's impact on the environment. I've even indoctrinated our kids about the importance of recycling, using less energy, and consuming fewer resources. My tired brain was simply searching for a catchy title for my blog post.

Moving beyond the disclaimer, we have loved the random warm weather breaks this winter has offered. Getting out periodically for some fresh air and exercise makes the cold gray days much more bearable. Peter took the day off Monday because he was in Pittsburgh for Worldlink Friday to Sunday. About noon we headed to the car for a trip to the city only to discover that it was nearly 70 degrees out. Who knew? It didn't take us long to change course and head up the street to our local zoo to enjoy the animals and the great playground. (By the way, our zoo membership runs out the end of May, and we'll be taking a break from the zoo for a while. If you want to bring your kiddos to join us for an afternoon at the zoo, let us know so we can take you before time runs out!) While we were there, we filled our memory card. The beeping camera reminded us that we haven't downloaded and shared any photos since the new year. So in the spirit of avoiding angry emails from people who want to see our kids, we've uploaded all of our warm weather adventure pictures to our web album for you. Enjoy!

By the way, make sure you scroll down to see the last picture in this post. Garty fearlessly climbed all the way to the top on Saturday. He's not even 2! We're in serious trouble.

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Missy said...

Becky, That is so funny. I actually have a friend who thinks that the idea of global warming is a lie of Satan to keep us from focusing on the bigger issues like the HIV/AIDS crisis, orphans, world hunger and evangelizing the lost. Missy