03 April 2008

new home business

In a continuing effort to supplement our Worldlink salary, we've embarked on a new venture. Here's a picture of me after 30 minutes at J & P's Salon. Schedule your appointment today at 1-800-PLAIT-IT.

This may be hard to believe, but just a few hours before my first styling appointment, someone told me my hair looked really fantastic. Now Joshua insists on styling sessions every afternoon to make sure that never happens again. Of course, I get my hair done for free. You'll have to pay a lot of money to get this look.


JustAnotherBlogger said...


Thanks for [bravely] sharing the after photo:)

Jamie said...

Ooh, that is a NICE look! But, when will the salon offer free makeovers? You know, foundation, blush,eyeshadow, etc.? Now, that would be something to see!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Your hair looks awesome and the kids obviously enjoy the task. Maybe when more money comes in from the salon you can get a few dogs...

Please call it "J&Ps Beauty Saloon" to honor their heritage. (Salon is frequently misspelled in Liberia...er...spelled a different way...)