02 April 2008

a request

Dear everyone:

Please get a dog... or 2 or 3. Nothing makes me happier than dogs. I prefer ones that will lick my face all over until Mommy won't even kiss me anymore. Mommy says that Daddy's allergies, her lack of patience, and our finances aren't a good fit for a dog. We have 2 cats. They're OK to chase, but they mostly run and hide. They never lick me. When you get a dog, I will visit you lots. I will laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm very cute to watch when I'm playing with a dog. Actually, I'm always cute. If you could see my cute face right now, you'd definitely get a couple of dogs. If you already have dogs, or as soon as you get them, call me right away. I talk on the phone now.

Love, Garty


Jamie said...

Dear Garty,
My Golden Retriever Bailey LOVES to lick faces, the dirtier or sweatier, the better. You have to be careful or she will lick your tongue if you happen to open your mouth to laugh!


Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

Dear Jamie,

I kissed a cow that way one time. It was really great. Mommy didn't come near me for 2 days afterward.

Love, Garty

Marianne said...

Dear Garty,
Daddy said he could come over some time and put up a light for me. You can come with him and meet my two dogs - a big one named Hunnie Bee and a little one named Candy. Patience and Joshua can come, too, and even Mommy! Maybe we can make some stuff on the grill for dinner.
PS: Peter, the porch light is on order from Lowe's -- I'll keep you posted.