10 April 2008

the difference a year makes



I'm still having lots of tech frustrations, but check out these pictures taken on April 9, 2007 and April 9, 2008. Can you believe how much they've changed? I'll try to post about our Liberian dinner adventure later today.
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Jamie said...

We appreciate you taking all that time to post some pictures. I love seeing what you are all up to. The kids certainly have grown in the last year. I also notice HUGE smiles on their faces. YOU PUT THEM THERE!


Anonymous said...

Becky and Peter
I cant beleive it has been a year already. You all look so beautiful and happy. Love and miss you all


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Wow, that's amazing. You know what I love most? They have grown into the most beautiful and genuinely happy smiles in the last year. Precious. It's like seeing their souls transform right from the inside out. I love it.

C and C said...

Wow Becky! I can't believe how different they look. Love those smiles! I am looking forward form one year from today to see how much our Patrick has changed. How encouraging to see your little ones. Thanks for posting those pictures.