07 January 2009

bad news

Despite the fact that many of our friends use Facebook, I've refused to open an account. Why? I'm not a very balanced person. When I get into a good book, I have trouble pulling myself away to attend to important things like feeding my kids. When I start scrapbooking, I need an entire day. I knew I'd become addicted to Facebook and waste lots of valuable time. But Monday I finally fell of the wagon because many of my former middle school students are all grown up and chatting with Peter on Facebook. And now I'm addicted. It's not good. 45 minutes ago I saw a friend that had a "cities I've visited" tab. I just finished tagging mine. My poor, poor children.

1 comment:

C and C said...

I hear you Becky. I was addicted to Facebook too. I just had to "quit" a month ago and it was hard. :)