14 January 2009

we made it

We all survived the first day of potty training! I'm unbelievably tired, but I think we're making some progress. We had some accidents and some successes. The candy is a popular reward, but it seems that the more exciting reward is flushing the toilet. Garty gets so excited about flushing that I'm letting him do it even if he only puts a few drips in the bowl. I fear that we're going to have a disturbingly high water bill this month. We also called Daddy, Grandmom, and Gram at several points throughout the day. Garty told them all the same thing: "I go potty in the big, big toilet." I know some of you are praying for us, and I'm ever so grateful. Surviving one day is one thing. Having the stamina to do it again tomorrow is another.

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