13 January 2009


Joshua's surgery today went well. It took longer than expected, so I had time to get into my new book that I'm very excited about. He didn't seem to want to wake up from the anesthesia though. When the nurse and I finally had him dressed and sitting up, he started crying huge crocodile tears that just kept coming. No noise, no movement, just lots of tears. He perked up a little when the nurse gave him his Icee and put him in the wheelchair for the ride to the car. We had another round of tears in the car. Then more that included noisy sobs over the eggs and toast that he requested for lunch. After watching Babe and resting on the couch he seemed improved. Then about 4:15pm he suddenly became his usual self and has been running around yelling and jumping ever since. Anesthesia does weird things to a little boy. He has two stitches in the back of his earlobe and a bunch of packing protecting his newly repaired eardrum. In 6 weeks we'll go back to the ENT to see if worked. Prayers for healing are appreciated, as we're hoping to avoid the next more drastic step.

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