27 October 2006

a long day

We waited all day for the phone call we expected in the morning, and it never came. We both just walked in the door from our respective busy evenings to FINALLY find an email message complete with pictures. Here's what it said... Patty (our agency director) has a new staff person who is going to be joining AOH who is a pediatric intensive care nurse. She will have her review Garty's case tomorrow, and then we will have a more updated report at the end of the day. Patty has other options that she is thinking about as well. Garty's white blood count is down. This is good, but we weren't able to get a urine sample yet since it is really hard to get the little guys to pee in a cup! His urine still has a bad odor. The doctor was able to take a look at Garty's kidneys with the ultrasound today. The doctor said for sure he noticed that the kidneys were quite large with the right kidney being even bigger with abnormalities. Hopefully we'll get the images soon so your doctor can take a look. Yesterday Garty ran a fever almost all day and slept a lot. When he was awake, his disposition was pleasant as long as he was on Tylenol. Today he had a fever, but it wasn't constant. He was also more alert, and we even played a little. I was even able to get a couple of pictures of him smiling! Here are the pictures plus one of Joshua and Patience that I took the other day. Sorry it's fuzzy.

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