24 March 2007

anyone out there?

We don't know if anyone will actually read our blog this morning, but we just learned that 7 more passports were issued at the end of the day yesterday. At 10:30am Donna said she'll be calling the families to start making travel plans. That was an hour ago. She just got home from her trip to Liberia last night, so with her 10 kids at home and multiple calls to make, we're not out of the running yet. If you read this soon and are inclined to pray, would you consider saying an extra prayer or two for us this morning? There's no reason why we should expect God to give us passports instead of another family, but we're boldly begging for them anyway. And if we don't post good news by dinner time, please say an extra prayer for our breaking hearts. The silence all week was hard, but being passed over (again) is a different kind of pain.

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Dono & Laurie said...

Been thinking of you, ever since I saw the update. I know what you mean, about feeling like "we" deserve to get our passports over other families. It's the strangest feeling to be so thrilled for others as passports come in- but then to settle into the reality of not receiving your childs/rens passports, that is a whole different place! My heart is anxious, not only for us but for guys as well:)