22 March 2007

free food

This morning we discovered that we missed free water ice day at Rita's yesterday! (Thanks, Tom, for bringing this disturbing fact to our attention.) There's something about missing free stuff that's really upsetting. Yesterday was actually a fun day for us, but knowing that we missed free water ice just takes away a bit of the joy. Sure, water ice is cheap, but that's not the point. So now we're resolved to make sure we don't miss Ben & Jerry's free cone day on April 17 (unless we're in Liberia, which would be an acceptable reason to miss free ice cream).


Theresa said...

Sorry you missed Rita's free ice. Tom was there 3 times! Once for himself, once for me, and once with the twins. Now we'll have to scope out for a Ben and Jerry's near us :)

Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

If you don't find one, you could bring Eden and come visit that day while the twins are at school. We have one about 15 minutes away. :-)