10 March 2007

black Disney princess

Some of you know that last year we both signed a petition requesting that Disney create a Black princess so our beautiful little girl can grow up with a beatiful black princess as part of the Disney princess craze. In addition to all the long established white princesses, they have princesses who are Native American, Middle Eastern, and Asian... but no black princess. This morning one of yahoo's headlines has a sketch of the next Disney princess... and she's black! If you're intrigued, you can read the story. The fact that we're excited about this may seem silly to you, but just consider how significant the princesses have become in the definition of beauty for little girls all across the US. Whether you like Disney or not, you can't avoid seeing the princesses staring at you on little girls' clothing and backpacks and school notebooks and... everywhere. The princesses are beautiful. If none of them look anything like you, what message does that lying voice inside your head tell you? What does that do to a little girl's self esteem? We're so thrilled to know that in 2009, another face will be added to the mix. That's the year that Patience will start kindergarten. Maybe she'll even have a black princess on her little backpack!

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