27 March 2007

leaving on a jet plane

We've been listening to Peter, Paul, & Mary's Greatest Hits, and the lyrics seem so apropos. After much debate over 2 not so ideal itineraries, we booked our flights today to pick up our kids! We leave on Good Friday and return on Monday, April 16. We'll be flying in and out of JFK in NY. We're very disappointed that we couldn't arrange a better schedule that would allow us to celebrate Easter with our families, but we're just thankful that we'll be meeting our babies soon. We were expecting to leave 3 days later until the travel agent had trouble finding flight options for us. It's amazing how significant 3 days can seem. You would think that after 14 months of waiting we would be ready, but we're really not. We leave in 10 days!!


Twichie said...

Praise God!!!! It's all coming together. :) And you'll have your babies by Mother's Day! That's cool! *g

M&S said...

How exciting!!!! We are so happy for you both. We'll be praying for your trip!