22 December 2006

a day full of good news

After the earlier news about passports moving again, we didn't think today could get much better... but it did. We just got 2 new pictures of Joshua and Patience! It appears that Patience has enough hair to braid now, which means Becky needs to get her act together and learn how to do it. In the second picture, they're looking at their albums we sent. If you look carefully, you'll see that they both are looking at them upside down. However, we're still remaining optimistic about their intelligence. Melodie (who oversees the kids in Liberia) said that the kids absolutely love them. On a not so good note, Garty has a cold and is teething this week. If he has to be miserable though, it's nice that we can still get a good night's sleep. We are just so in love with our 3 adorable kids and can't wait to hold them tight!

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Alanna Bryan said...

I am so glad you decided to enable comments! The kids are adorable! I love these pictures - good luck on the braiding adventures. Joshua looks to be quite a handsome young man. Many blessings! 2007 - a year of new adventures.... (and passports).