21 December 2006

passports are moving!

Finally some good news regarding the Liberian passport office. Our agency tells us: We have had 9 passports signed last week and expect 4 more by the end of this month. They seem to be signing 100 of them a day. Keep in mind that these are done by hand in calligraphy. Of the 1000 they are completing, AOH has 4 left in that group. They are releasing the list of the next 1000 soon-- I expect by the end of the week. I will know then how many of our families made the list. Our Liberian staff says it is a good sign when you are on the list as then you will know you will have passports within a few weeks of that. Imagine that... actually having a clue when to expect passports for the kids! We might even be able to make some plans for our life. Hooray!

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