06 December 2006

why we hate toys

We're now the parents of 3 kids, but they're not here yet. However, I (Becky) and my mom spent a good chunk of the day sorting, in some cases washing, and putting away a pile of toys. Did we put them in a toy box? Of course not! Most of them are too big to fit in a toy box. Did we play with all of them while they were out? Some of them, but many of them don't work yet because they need batteries. Will we be able to play with them 6 months from now? Probably not because by then many of the tiny little pieces will have been carried off and hidden by the cats or eaten by the baby. Peter firmly believes in gift wrapping empty boxes and plastic storage containers as Christmas gifts while the kids are young. I'm starting to think that his plan is a good one. On a positive note though, I had a wonderful time dancing with Barbie on our pretty dance mat. I'm so out of it that my 50-some year old mother had to explain that you plug it into the TV and follow the instructions. I just thought the mat would play music!

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