18 December 2006

great gift tags

On 12/6 we posted about the cool gift tags some kids at our church made to support the orphanage in Liberia. Now that we entered the 21st century and purchased a digital camera (in anticipation of Christmas money from our family and an upcoming trip to Africa), we thought we'd post a picture. Double click on the picture for a close up.
Aren't they great?! The reindeer is Becky's personal favorite. We still have 5 packs left, so if you want cool Christmas gift tags with a purpose behind them, email us right away. We can drop them in the mail immediately, and you'll just need to send us $5 for the assortment of 20 tags.

While we're at it, we thought we'd post a picture of our $20 Home Depot Christmas tree... because now we can! It was a great find. They even trimmed the stump and wrapped it for us free of charge.

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