06 December 2006

kids can make a difference!

Thanks to the creative vision of our friend Melody, a bunch of kids from our church have been making really beautiful Christmas gift tags to help the Acres of Hope orphanage in Liberia. A pack of 20 hand stamped tags sells for $5, and 100% of the donation will buy formula, medicine, and vitamins for us to take to the orphanage when we go. We're so impressed by the desire to help and the commitment of these kids. It's no small job. Melody is quite the task master, making sure that the gift tags are absolutely gorgeous! If we had a digital camera available, we'd post a picture for you. If you really want to see them (or maybe buy a pack), let us know so we can get a picture for you in the next few days. Isn't it great that no matter who we are or what our situation is, we really can do something to make a difference in the world?

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