04 December 2006

I'll be home for Christmas????

The situation at the Liberian passport office caused quite a stir in our world this weekend. Though we've been waiting a year to bring the kids home, we now feel totally unprepared. We're packing our bags and filling our malaria med prescriptions "just in case." Various family members are getting really excited. People are wondering if we're really going to show up for Christmas celebrations.
Here are the few things we do know. First, if they tell us we can travel, we're out of here Christmas or not. It actually makes one of us extremely sad to think of missing Christmas (you know how sentimental Peter is...), but we'll do what it takes to get the kids home. However, we don't want to assume that the job will get done. President Ellen wasn't messing around with her demand, but it may not be physically possible to complete so many passports in such a short time. The passport office has failed with commitments various times before. Finally, if they put out a ton of passports in a short time, our agency will not be able to have all the families travelling at once. They wouldn't be able to house us all, but the larger issue is that there are only a limited number of US Embassy appointments that can be completed in a week. There are families that have been waiting months for their passports, so they would probably travel before us unless Garty's situation takes a turn for the worse.
So what does that mean for our schedule? We have no idea, but it's time to do some more laundry "just in case."

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