05 June 2007

a beautiful day

Today was one of those days that just feels like the way motherhood should be. We all got out of bed between 8:30 and 9am. Joshua, Patience, and Mommy read a book before getting Garty out of bed and heading downstairs for a relaxed breakfast. After Daddy left for work, we watched a Baby Einstein movie, played, and sent Garty off for a nap at 10:30. Mommy actually accomplished a few things while Garty was asleep. The oldest 2 kids took a bath, and then all of us got dressed to head out for the afternoon. We ate a quick lunch and headed to Biblical to surprise Grandpop for his birthday. We visited Grandpop's office, sang "Happy Birthday," met some of the staff and faculty, and then headed out again so people could get some work done. As we drove across Bucks County back roads, there were frequent outbursts of "Oh, Mama-o cows!! ... horses!! ... sheep!!" Bucks County is farm animal heaven to our Liberian kiddos who just learned that these creatures exist. We dropped Garty off at Grandmom's house before heading to the farm to pick strawberries. Joshua and Patience each filled a 32 oz container with strawberries, most of which are edible. Mommy picked a big flat of beautiful berries, making a total of 12 lbs. The temperature was perfect, the kids had fun and behaved, and Mommy got to enjoy one of her absolute favorite times of the year... strawberry season. Soon we will have strawberry pie to eat with fresh whipped cream and lots of strawberry jam to freeze for the next year. When we went back for Garty, we got to visit with more of the family. Joshua got a fishing lesson from Grandpop as they practiced casting out to a bucket in the yard. We finally came home for a late dinner. Mommy spread mulch on her flower bed that Daddy and Joshua improved last weekend while Daddy enjoyed (??) watching Barney with the kids before taking them up to bed. It was truly a beautiful day.


All 8 of Us said...

Becky,'So glad you had one of those "magical mommy" days...it makes the challenging days so worth it!!
Blessings as you continue to settle in :)

Alanna Bryan said...

Those are the days that make it all so worth it. It makes me so glad to know that there's a heaven and all our days will be days just like that forever and ever. Glad to hear you are being blessed with all the things that make parenting such a beautiful gift in life.

Jocelyn said...


I love your zoo photos, Is that the Elmwood zoo in Norristown. I use to go there as a kid. I can't wait to take Isaac there.


Theresa said...

I bet "normal" feels so refreshing to you! I sounded like a wonderful day. Simple pleasures--the best kind.