03 June 2007

Garty is 1!

For those of you who have been craving pictures of our cuties, this is the last of 3 picture filled posts just for you. It was a big weekend of firsts for our family, with the biggest being Garty's 1st birthday. It's amazing to think that at 4 months old we feared Garty would never turn 1. Now we're celebrating at home with all 25 lbs of him. We opted not to get a birthday cake since the kids don't need the sugar and we're supposed to be watching our fat intake until our livers are back to normal. As a substitute, we put a candle in a slice of watermelon, Garty's new favorite food. He loved it! Garty received some help opening a few birthday gifts from various family members. Joshua and Patience gave him his own sunglasses since he likes to take them from everyone else. It was a quiet but fun evening with the 5 of us. We were planning a little party, but we decided this week to cancel it since the health department didn't want us preparing food for anyone until we're definitely clear of hepatitis. All Garty's birthday pictures are in our web album.

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Twichie said...

What a fantastic smile he's got! I love that last picture with the sunglasses!!!

Congratulations on all of the brilliant and amazing milestones your family has come through! What a blessing to share Garty's first birthday with him after all of the stress and anxiety of the past few months. God is good!

And thank you for sharing pictures!!! We've missed our Jersey family and along with the gorgeous pictures of your stunningly amazingly beautiful family, we were able to eagerly devour pictures of our 'family' and friends all in one place!!!

So much has changed and so much hasn't!! It's amazing. A pool where Ken Crooks used to chase the kids and do his Madonna impersonations! And wedding rings on people who were only just engaged when we left! And kids that are grown up! Wow.

Please give our hugs and love to anyone you can at Grace when you speak to them. We miss you all so much! But someday we'll see each other again -whether it's in Jersey or much further 'beyond' than that!