10 June 2007

week in review

We've had plenty of new and interesting experiences over the past week. Joshua and Patience will now play upstairs by themselves while we are downstairs, and they allowed us to go into the house for 2 minutes while they were in the yard. This may not seem like a big deal in your world, but it is enormous progress for our fearful little ones. * It's been 4 days since we last ate rice, and no one has complained! * On Saturday Peter installed our new over the range microwave/convection oven that we bought in March on clearance. Now our kitchen is complete (except for lighting issues), and we are thrilled to say that all our appliances were amazing clearance deals at Lowes or Home Depot. * Becky made 3 batches of strawberry jam and 2 strawberry pies with fresh whipped cream. You wouldn't believe how exciting that is for one of us. Peter finds my obsessions amusing, but I just can't contain my enthusiasm. * Garty will now hold on to any toy with wheels and push it across the room. * The kids finally met Uncle Steve and their cousin Ava, both of whom Joshua has been talking about constantly since we were in Liberia. They've now met all their aunts, uncles, and cousins. * Joshua and Patience played in a sprinkler for the first time. It took them a few minutes to decide if they liked it.

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Dono & Laurie said...

Becky WOW seriously 4 days w/out rice? We have all have had enough RICE! We no longer eat it w/ every meal.....however, Kojo does. He will cry for "Ri wit butta". I just make a huge batch and refrigerate it and then it is easy enough to just heat back up. It is exciting to see kids "move on" from rice! Love the updates and pictures...so does Kojo:)