07 June 2007

medical updates

Today all 3 kids went for their second round of shots. Peter came along, and we only took one kid back at a time in order to avoid some of the hysteria. Garty took it like a champ. Patience cried a lot but recovered quickly. Joshua melted down and did his Liberian wail that we seldom hear these days. It took 2 nurses and myself to hold him down. Unlike last time though, it only took 5 minutes to get him under control when it was all over. They left with stickers on their shirts and Dum-Dums in their mouths.

We had mentioned that Garty was going to see a specialist last week to follow up on some things that happened when he was sick last fall. At this point, the doctor is very happy with his overall health and has no concerns. However, she said that at his age things could still change. We'll be headed back to see her in Nov to find out if there will be any long term issues.

As far as our Hep A crisis, we're both back to normal (or at least 95% back). It looks like the older 2 kids probably missed it. The pediatrician told us this week that we could quit worrying about the kids infecting anyone and let them go swimming and do all the things we've been refusing to let them do.

So for the moment, we have a healthy family! Thanks to all who prayed for us and our many health problems over the past few weeks.

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