03 June 2007

giving our children back

Today we headed to NJ for Grace's picnic, baptism, and baby dedication. Twice a year we gather around the pool for this really special time. This picnic it was our turn to dedicate our kids to the Lord. We dressed them in their Liberian "fine fine" clothes for this special day. It was a wonderful time with our church family and both grandmothers who have been with us through all the ups and downs of our adoption. Although we won't be at Grace every Sunday anymore, it will always be our home. Those who have free time can check out the rest of our photos.

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Twichie said...

Peter and Becky,

May your children's lives be guarded fore and aft by the presence of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May each and every step of their lives be filled with blessings that they cannot contain and the grace and honor that comes with being children of the Most High God. May God work out His purpose in your lives and theirs according to His great and perfect plan and His glory!

We love your whole family and rejoice with you in the blessings that God has granted and will continue to grant.

Your Texas family,

Jon, Lori, Sydney, Christian and John-William.