18 August 2008

and so it begins

Today is the first day of our Neighborhood Kids' Club. From 6:30-8pm each evening this week we'll be opening our yard to kids for games, Bible stories, snacks, and lots of fun. I only have a minute right now, but I wanted to offer some specific ways you can pray if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Please pray that God will bring the kids who need to be here.
  • Please pray that the kids will cooperate while they're here and that we'll be able to truly love them. At times having certain neighborhood kids here can be quite frustrating.
  • Please pray for family unity as we have a much more stressful week than normal. We all know how much easier it is to wound those we love when we're feeling pressured.
  • Please pray for me as I study my lessons. Wonderful friends and supporters are making my week easier by coming to help with club, amusing the kids, and providing meals. Now I just need the brain capacity to focus.
  • In regard to focusing, please pray for peace as I just received some news that weighs heavy on my heart this morning and could easily distract me from what I need to do this week. Most of all, please pray for the family and friends affected by the news. (How's that for an extremely vague request?!)

I'm going to do my very best to provide frequent updates this week on how our club is going. If you don't hear from me tonight, it's safe to assume that I'm lying on the couch staring at the Olympics and pondering whether I can make it up the stairs to bed.

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