20 August 2008

mid week report

Our club is going really well. (It's just the rest of life that's been full of drama.) Tuesday night we had 3 new kids for a total of 13 neighborhood kids that have attended. It's discouraging for me to realize that there are 50 that could be here, but several people have reminded me that we've got a good base to start with. Tonight we were unfortunately competing with a summer camp talent show and some other activities, so our numbers were way down. It was encouraging though to hear our neighbor Isaiah (entering 5th grade) telling his mom that he wanted to skip the talent show so he could come to kids' club. It was also cool to find out after club that Jeremiah, who showed up late, was talking during my story because he was trying to learn the Bible verse from the night before that he had forgotten. Several kids have told me at the end of club that it is really fun, and there have been requests to extend it to next week. (Yeah, right!) With Kelly taking charge of my kids this morning and Mom, Bob, and Rachel helping out the past 2 nights, we're just cruising along. Please continue to pray that things go smoothly and that the kids will all be back tomorrow and Friday.

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