28 August 2008

got drama?

I owe you all an end of the week report about our Neighborhood Kids' Club, but I've been frantically playing catch up all week on all the things I didn't take care of last week. On top of that, I'm really burned out. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share that in addition to last week's hit and run accident, difficult news from my family, green card chaos, and visiting bat, last night we were watching TV when we heard a funny noise and the lights went out in the 2nd floor hallway. Peter checked out the light fixture and decided that it had shorted out, tripping the circuit when it did. While he was getting some tools after removing the fixture from the ceiling, I noticed a strange glow that looked like fire. It turns out that the very old electrical wires in our house had caught on fire and were smoldering in the ceiling. We used a spray bottle of water to put it out while thanking God for the ugly flame retardant ceiling tiles that had probably kept us from having a bigger crisis on our hands. Around lunchtime today it still smelled like we had burned a bonfire around here. Peter spent the better part of 12 hours today rewiring a good part of the 2nd floor. He just finished and will be heading to bed shortly to get 4.5 hours of sleep before his breakfast meeting tomorrow. So if you're looking for some excitement, please come visit us while we're on a roll. Maybe we can shake things up a bit for you.

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