18 August 2008

day 1 report

Kids' Club this evening went very smoothly. I was disappointed to have only 10 kids (not including our 3) from 6 different families, but it's pretty typical with these clubs for the first day to be small. Tomorrow they get prizes for each friend they bring, so I expect the numbers to rise. Even the kids who often cause trouble around here listened attentively to the stories and were cooperative. Several of the kids said it was really fun. Mary Kay and Rosemarie were amazing. They entertained our kids all afternoon, brought dinner, and kept club running smoothly. No pictures tonight because I'm not up for dealing with our computer issues, but they'll be coming soon. Thanks to all who prayed. Don't quit!

After club was over Patience came down from the bathroom and calmly said, "Mommy, the bat is flying around the hallway." This bat had been hiding out somewhere in our house since about 1am last night when Toffee (our cat) pounced on it about 10 feet in front of me. Unfortunately, Toffee let go, and both cats lost track of it after tearing around the house for a few minutes. By the time I woke Peter up and he found 2 racquets, we couldn't locate the bat. We hunted everywhere we could think of until 2am and finally decided we'd have to share our house. I covered our fruit basket so we wouldn't be feeding it and went to bed. When Patience discovered him tonight, Peter was quick to find the racquets and knocked the poor creature down the stairs faster than I could believe. He cleaned him up with a plastic Ziploc bag and then proceeded to give the kids a detailed biology lesson about bats. Patience and Garty were really into it, touching the wings and checking out the teeth (through the bag of course). Joshua was less amused and had a lot of questions before bed about whether more bats would get in our house. Rosemarie didn't seem too thrilled either. Never a dull moment at our house. Stay tuned for pictures of the kids posing with the bat later in the week.

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