19 August 2008

maybe we don't need sleep

Saturday night around 1am I witnessed someone fleeing his truck after hitting 2 motorcycles on the corner outside our house. I woke Peter, and we were outside with the police, fire trucks, ambulances, and most of the neighborhood until 2am. Sunday night was the bat incident that had us up until 2am (see previous post for details). Last night when I asked Peter around midnight where the kids' green cards were that he was supposed to copy at the office, we discovered that he had forgotten about the green cards and thrown the blank envelope containing them in the mail at work. That means we mailed our green cards to nowhere with no return address inside or outside the envelope. The short story is that this is very bad. By the time we did everything we could for the moment and got to bed... it was 2am. Normally 2am works well for me but not for Peter. With everything else going on this week, 2am isn't working for me. We'd appreciate your prayers for some rest very soon. We'd also appreciate your prayers for the green card situation. After several tries this morning, Peter got through to the supervisor at the distribution center where Worldlink's mail goes. I believe that accomplishment in itself is a little miracle. She was kind and agreed to hunt for it, but it's still a long shot and will take a big miracle. Our lives have been full of miracles over the past few years though, so we're praying and holding out hope.

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