24 May 2007

bits of news

The most exciting news at our house is that after waking up at 5:20am to use the bathroom, Joshua fell back to sleep (with me on the floor beside him). Then they all slept until 8:45am!! As I was lying half awake on the floor hoping they'd play in bed for another hour, the church bells down the street struck 9. I was sure it was an error or I was only dreaming.

No word yet on Peter's bloodwork. Please pray with us that it comes back Friday so we're not stuck waiting until Tuesday. He's still in really bad shape and getting progressively weaker. Although after eating nothing but 2 pieces of bread and 2 bananas since Monday, today he decided that he really wanted a Subway roasted chicken sub. It's been in his stomach for almost 3 hours now, so we're pretty happy.

My mom spent the day cleaning and helping with the kids so I could run some necessary and long overdue errands. This was by far my busiest day since I got sick on Mother's Day. We'll see if I'm really doing better or if I pay for my ambition tomorrow. On a positive note, I ate more today than I ate the past 3 days combined. I hate to see my wonderful diet end, but I'm tired of feeling sick whenever I open the fridge.

While Joshua and Patience were playing, Joshua said it was time for prayers. They held hands, closed their eyes, and Joshua prayed, "Thanks for good food. Papa sick. Mama sick. Amen." That pretty much sums up the theme at our house. Our poor kids don't have one fully functioning parent between them, but their attitudes and behavior have risen to the occasion. This weekend they're going to meet some of my relatives as well as meeting all their Bowersox aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time. It should be a fun time after a pretty strenuous 2 weeks.

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