14 May 2007

health concerns

I know many are waiting for pictures and fun updates about the kids, so I hate to be a downer. However, we could really use your prayers around here. We will be taking Garty for follow up blood tests on Wednesday to see if he might have some chronic health concerns. It's all vague enough at this point that we don't want to talk about details, but please pray for him. Also, I (Becky) came down with a fever and chills yesterday afternoon along with extreme exhaustion (Happy First Mother's Day to me). I had a bit of an upset stomach yesterday, but that hasn't been a problem today. (I have lost my appetite though, which should frighten anyone who knows me well!!) My temperature is slowly climbing... currently 102.3, and I've developed a bit of a cough. Normally we would assume that I have the flu or some kind of bug from the shere exhaustion of caring for the kids while Peter was away, but these are also classic signs of malaria. We faithfully took our meds in Liberia, but that's no guarantee. Unfortunately, malaria often goes undiagnosed until it's really severe and potentially life threatening because the symptoms line up with a ton of other illnesses. Sorry to babble on, but the point is please pray that whatever is wrong will be diagnosed and clear up quickly. I'd selfishly appreciate prayers that it clears up between now and when I get to the doctor for a blood test because I'm incredibly, irrationally phobic about needles, and I'd like to avoid getting stuck. And if you've seen us recently, don't panic. You can't get malaria from hanging out with me.

I'll leave you with the highlight of my Mother's Day. I'm supposed to say it was Peter's incredibly sweet effort to give me a full day off without worrying about the kids. I did appreciate that SOOOOO much, but the real highlight was when I was sitting on the floor feeling miserable and watching the kids play with the kitchen set our friend graciously handed down to us. They were being very imaginative and realistic as they pulled food in and out of the oven when Joshua said, "My baby's crying," and then proceeded to reach into the microwave and pull out the baby. Who would have thought that hanging out in a microwave would be upsetting to a child?!


EEEEMommy said...

I will certainly be praying for you AND Garty! I hope you're feeling better soon, moms don't get sick days.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you all of you. Hope you feel better soon.

Twichie said...

There IS a flu going around right now with precisely those symptoms - Jon and I both had it in the past two weeks. So here's praying that's the worst of it - and that God heals you of it quickly!

*HUGS* Happy Mother's Day Becky. And much love to all of you. :)

I'm flying to Portland Oregon tomorrow for a business trip - I'd really appreciate your prayers if you have time. It's for a job interview - a huge international corporation contacted ME to do some of their email marketing campaign!!!