01 May 2007

a day in the life

Today Garty had his first visit to the pediatrician. 2 hours after our arrival, Mommy checked out wondering how she will survive numerous other visits over the next month. The only concern was that his liver and spleen were larger than normal, so he will need an ultrasound of his abdomen in addition to his kidney ultrasound and another test that we'll be scheduling as a follow up to his problems last fall. Please pray that nothing serious is going on in his big belly. Of course, we still need to do bloodwork and stool sample testing as well. Daddy is the lucky winner of 6 little vials that need to be filled by our 3 kiddos and returned to the doctor on Monday when Joshua and Patience get checked out. Mommy isn't sure what she'll have to do to balance out this deal, but she really doesn't care as long as she can avoid that job.

On the way home from the doctor, Joshua announced that he wants to drive the car. An explanation of traffic laws was insufficient, and he seems committed to pursuing his first joy ride. We're considering better places to store our car keys.

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