19 May 2007


Every victory with the kids seems to be matched with a behavioral setback, but overall the momentum is moving us forward. Here are some exciting recent milestones at our house (at least for us). * Garty has been crawling in earnest for over a week now. He didn't mess around. When he decided he wanted to move, he was immediately moving at high speed. He'll often get up on both legs and do a bear walk through the house, as if to say, "Crawling is a waste of my time, but I haven't totally figured out the walking thing yet. * Joshua and Patience have both said "I love you" to mommy and daddy a few times. We get lots of kisses. * Garty finally put an O in his own mouth this week at the dinner table! After much clapping and carrying on from us, he decided it was worth the show to keep working at it. He won't put anything else in yet, but he shovels in the O's now. * Joshua will now go upstairs alone to use the bathroom. The two oldest together will stay in a room and play while we go to other parts of the house. Mommy can even take a shower alone when Garty is napping! * We finally found a routine that has the older kids sleeping until 7am almost all the time. Later would be nice, but this is a huge victory for now! * So that's all the excitement in our world. Oh, how times have changed!


Becky said...

Congratulations on the new milestones. It is so great to read about your kids building trust. It shows what a wonderful job you are doing.

You are in my prayers,
Becky Avella

Gina Montemore said...

HI Becky, I am Mary Kay's friend. WE scrapbooked together before you went to get your children. She has been keeping me posted on it and gave me your blog link. I am sure there are many ups and downs and I pray God will give you peace and wisdom. I think Mary Kay told you that I am having a crop at my house June 30th. (A Saturday) I hope you can come and have a little "(adult) girl fun" I told Mary Kay to let me know if you can come. I hope to see you and know that I am praying for you, your hubby and your precious babies. I am sure you have been overwhelmed by it all, but God is faithful.
God bless,
Gina Montemore