09 May 2007

news from Uganda

Peter is enjoying the conference he is participating in over in Uganda and the opportunity to meet some wonderful folks from Africa and the US. Unfortunately, he has missed big chunks of the conference sessions because he has been having intestinal unpleasantness... enough said. It started last Saturday when he was packing to leave, so it isn't travel related. He would really appreciate your prayers for his health because tomorrow he is participating in a panel discussion during one session and then leading a workshop for 100+ people in the afternoon. By the time you read this, he might already be finished since Uganda is 7 hrs ahead of Eastern time, but I'm sure God would consider your belated prayers anyway. Please pray that he is healthy enough to make it through his entire presentation and that he will communicate clearly and effectively. Friday he will be spending the day with some of Worldlink's partners and then departing at 10pm to arrive home on Saturday.

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Happy Mother's Day!