15 August 2006

adoption prayer requests

1. Pray for Joshua and Patience-- especially Joshua-- as they mourn the tremendous loss of their mommy and daddy and adjust to orphanage life.

2. Praise God that the children came to the orphanage healthy, and pray for them in a country where potential health threats are many and health care is extremely limited. Pray especially for Garty as about 60% of Liberian children die before their first birthday.

3. Pray that the adoption process would move quickly and smoothly so we can get the kids home as soon as possible.

4. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the kids for the day when we will become a family.

5. Pray that God will calm our nerves as we wait for official word that the relinquishment has gone through and the kids are available for adoption.

6. Pray that we will prepare wisely for their homecoming over the next few months.

7. Pray that we will begin now to strengthen our marriage and prioritize time together so that we will be able to handle the stress of an instant family of 5.

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