21 August 2006

our kids' sizes

Quite a few of you have asked about our kids' clothing sizes. In an effort to support your desire to buy cute little outfits, here is the best information I can figure based on what I found online. Joshua may still be wearing a 4T when he comes home, but he'll be close to a 4. He's a very little guy for his age. Patience will almost definitely be a 3T. Garty is pretty much on target, so he will be wearing 6 month or more likely 9 month clothing when he comes home. Closer to the time when we pick them up, we'll hear what size they're in so we can be prepared. However, I know that some of you are anxious to hit the clearance racks and yard sales. I (Becky) hate to shop, so I'm thankful for those of you who want to do it!

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