20 August 2006

final kids club report

Despite a slow start, our Neighborhood Kids Club ended strong with 18 enthusiastic kids. Several of them said that Kids Club should be 2 weeks long, but a tired hostess vetoed that idea. We had about 40 people here for the cookout on Friday evening, with a large majority being children. We were hoping for more adults, but we know that connecting with neighbors is a long, slow process. In our neighborhood, people hang out on their porches and talk for hours, but it's unusual to be invited over to someone's house. As a result, I don't think people know what to do with an invitation to dinner. The evening was fun, and we were thankful for Ken, Jackie, and Becky's mom, Sharon, who came to help so we could relax and socialize with our neighbors. Please pray for the long term effects of the contacts we made last week.

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