01 August 2006

home sweet home

After a good but exhausting week in Costa Rica, we're finally settled back in at home where the showers are warm and the bugs are few. Overall the group we led had a great experience and was really stretched beyond their comfort zones. We also made some great contacts with people doing incredible work with children and youth. Thanks for all your prayers for the trip and especially for your prayers for us as we process the loss of Moses and Saturday. We're doing OK, but it's getting harder and harder to be patient and believe this is God's plan for our family. Becky is on the verge of grabbing any child she can find, and Peter is becoming jealous of other dads who have great relationships with their kids. We'll share more about what's going on with us when we have a few more minutes. For now, here's a picture of us at a mountain lake right next to a volcano and some adorable kids who danced in a holiday celebration that we participated in at a local school last week.

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