16 August 2006

kids club midweek update

Our neighborhood kids club is taking place from 1-2:30 every afternoon this week. We really didn't know how many kids to expect. So far we have 13 kids who have shown up. That's a small number compared to the many kids in our neighborhood, but the reality is that people in this neighborhood don't plan their lives around anything. They also don't use a clock as often as we do, so you never know what time they'll show up. After the initial disappointment about the small turnout, we've been encouraged by the kids' enthusiasm about the club and desire to invite friends. Even the soon-to-be 6th graders have been really involved and excited. They're singing, hearing stories, playing games, memorizing Bible verses, and earning lots of tickets to cash in for prizes on Friday. Please pray for the long term impact of the club. Please pray as well for a good turnout at our neighborhood cookout on Friday when we hope to connect with many of the parents. We'll post a final report on the weekend.

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