14 August 2006

the short version

If you want lots of details, skip this and go on to "the whole story." This is just for those with a short attention span or less concern for the details...
We were first contacted about these kids last Tuesday and agreed to consider taking 3. Of course, we believed at that time that all 3 were boys. Nevertheless, God brought us along gradually until Friday we were willing to not only take 3 but take one who is a lot older than we wanted and one who is a girl. We got their pictures Saturday morning and began to fall in love.
At this point we know that all 3 "appear healthy" and are negative for Hep and HIV. Their mommy died giving birth to the baby 2 months ago, so their daddy brought them to the orphanage. He is uneducated, unemployed, and completely unable to care for them. The baby is in foster care now because he's so young. The other 2 are together at the orphanage. It will be 4 to 6 months until we can bring them home.

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