30 August 2006


We apologize if your life has felt empty over the last week in the absence of news from us. We were actually frantically preparing for a much needed vacation. We spent a long weekend visiting Becky's brother Steve in New York, and now we're spending over a week with good friends who are also expecting their first child this winter. We really needed to get out of town and unwind from the stress of the past few months before gearing up for 3 new (but very cute) stressors.

During our visit to NY, we climbed the 12th and 20th highest peaks in the Adirondacks. Steve is determined to become a 46er-- one of the elite among outdoorsmen who has climbed all 46 of the peaks in the Adirondacks that are over 4000 feet. Saturday's hike had him up to #12 in less than 2 months! As it took 3 days for Becky to be able to walk down stairs properly after climbing about 4400 feet up (and down actually hurt more) in an 8 mile round trip, she is planning to use the 3 kids as her excuse for avoiding these types of climbs in the future. However, despite the pain, the experience was amazing. Check it out...

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