30 April 2007

exciting day at the Bowersox home

We've had plenty of new and interesting experiences since we came home from Liberia, but nothing has been able to compare to the excitement of the airport... until today. You may be jealous when you hear this, but today the garbage truck came down our street! We saw the big truck through the window and had to go out on the porch to watch. We were SOOO excited to watch this wonderful truck that actually stopped at all the houses on our block. When the driver saw how incredibly enthralled we were, he even waved to us and then honked his really loud horn! We're so sorry you missed this exciting time in the life of our family. If you'd like to come next Monday morning, we can try to recreate it.

In other much more mundane news, we seem to have moved past the need to wail every time we climb into bed. The only bedtime routine we found that works for the 2 older kids means that they sit in their beds with their photo albums and toys and the lights on until they're ready to fall asleep. One of us also stays on the floor in their room with them. If they cry, we take them into the next room and make them sit on a chair until they're ready to come back and be quiet. It takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour with the new routine for them to fall asleep. It's unfortunate that the whole process takes so much longer than we would like, but Joshua especially really seems to need to feel safe and be able to see us as he's settling into bed. He falls asleep with his head pressed against the top bunk rails watching us. We're not sure if something in his past scares him, if he's afraid we'll abandon him, or if something else is going on in his little head. Either way, there are definitely some fear issues.

And the most entertaining statement yet from our little Liberians... Their bedroom is decorated with Finding Nemo (the best $15 decorating project ever). The other day Peter caught Joshua commenting that he'd like to catch Nemo and eat him.


Jocelyn said...

There is nothing like our Liberian babies talking about eating Nemo!!! I love that...I'm glad you all are settling in...and I'll pray your bedtime routine gets easier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky...Just wanted to let you know that today is my trash day. If you hop in the car now I think you could make it for the next BIG show. I'd even pop some popcorn.:) What a cute, funny story. Thanks for sharing it.


Twichie said...

I think routine is the most important part of every kid's life. In everything, every day, they really have a need to know what to expect. I think it's awesome that you guys have come up with a bedtime routine that works -albeit a little long and drawn out. It's great that you latched on to something like this so quickly. So often it's a very long drawn out process to find out how!


Love the garbage truck story. That happens in our house too. I love that we're supposed to come to God with faith like a child. These sorts of stories show us the wonder and faith God would like from us. Wish I were better at it...