02 January 2007

Christmas at the orphanage

We just learned how Joshua and Patience celebrated Christmas. On Christmas day a special party had been planned for the orphanage. This party included music, dance competitions, the Christmas story, games, and of course food! The most exciting thing was the all-you-can-eat meal lovingly provided as a gift by a friend of AOH. The most amazing thing was the Kool-Aid! The kids could not believe they were allowed to drink as much as they wanted! After the meal some of the kids had to lie down since their stomachs hurt from overeating! The kids had a great day and enjoyed special treats and activities. They are still asking me when the next "pah-tay" (party) will be. While we're not big proponents of Kool-Aid, we're thrilled that our kids were able to enjoy the holiday as much as we did. It will of course be a much more exciting celebration next Christmas when we're together instead of thousands of miles away from each other.

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