29 January 2007

passport report

Evidently the system the passport office established in December for issuing passports wasn't working out for them. Here's the new plan from Donna at the Acres of Hope office... I have checked every day about passports. The normal way they were doing things was to post the list and then issue the passports on that list. Diku [who processes adoptions for us] has since found out that they decided to do it differently. They will post a list of passports, and when you see your name on it you pick them up, as they have been completed. So there were no passports picked up by our staff last week. Patty [Acres of Hope director who just returned to Liberia] said she will be in the passport office Monday to see if she can get more clarification and some answers on passports for parents. So today we'll be praying for good news from Patty.

Last night we went to Barnes and Noble (to escape the cold house since we ran out of oil mid day!) and read up on travel info for our overnight in Belgium. It gave us something extra to look forward to-- especially Becky who long ago left a part of her French- and Spanish-speaking heart in Europe. Peter is also excited, but it's mostly about large quantities of waffles and chocolate.

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Chris G. said...

Here here to waffles and chocolate!